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​What's NEW


* Update as of 1/18/24 * 

We now have partial and full wigs from Japan!

Please contact us for a consultation. You can try and choose from many types [human hair/ blend, / synthetic] colors and styles. 

We can provide a cut to make the look natural and cool!



PONO Salonの PONO(ポノ)とは優しさ、誠実さ、幸福など様々な意味を持ちます。

ご病気後、ストレス、体質、加齢によって 私たちの髪の状況は変化していきます。
気にはなっていたけど、どうしていいのかわからない。もうどうにもならないから あきらめた。
そんなお悩みを抱えている方は 実はたくさんいらっしゃいます。そんな時にこそ プロにご相談ください。
日本でサロン展開しているウイッグ会社と提携を結び、ベイエリアのサロンで コンサルテーションからご試着、似合わせカットまでご提供させて頂くことになりました。


* Update as of 9/30/22 * 


We will implement new service price, and also we will start new service of [Routine Color] from 10/1/22.

[Routine Color] service will be offered to our regular customers who we have your color formula already at Pono Salon. We will apply and wash your color, and you can finish up your styling at our station or you can simply go home.
This would help you minimize your stay at salon but keep your hair looks healthy and gorgeous by professionally done color. 

Hope you enjoy our new service!  See you all soon!

* Now Online Gift Cards is Available * --3/25/20--

We're experiencing difficulty that we had to shut down our business due to Shelter-in-place order. 

Please support us by ordering gift certificates for you and for your loved one.

Thank you so much for your support.


To show our deepest appreciation, we've prepared small gifts (Milbon products) for the customers who bought our gift cards during now to end of April.


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