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* Update as of 9/30/22 * 


We will implement new service price, and also we will start new service of [Routine Color] from 10/1/22.

[Routine Color] service will be offered to our regular customers who we have your color formula already at Pono Salon. We will apply and wash your color, and you can finish up your styling at our station or you can simply go home.
This would help you minimize your stay at salon but keep your hair looks healthy and gorgeous by professionally done color. 

Hope you enjoy our new service!  See you all soon!



* Update as of 9/16/22 * 


Thank you for always supporting Pono Hair Salon. 

With the growing inflation, the cost of running our salon has increased dramatically, and we are unable to maintain our prices.  So we have decided to revise the price from October 1st 2022. 
Please refer the following for some details.

New Rate:
Women's Cut /  $75 (very short)  - $85 
Men's Cut /  $65 ( $60 within 4 weeks)
Kids Cut /  $40 (under 5 yrs old)  $45 (boy under 17 yrs old) $50 ( girls under 17 yrs old) 

The prices for some other services remain the same. We will soon update our service menu and online booking system with more details.


We will continue to strive to make our customers smile through beauty, and we appreciate your understanding, support and encouragement since from we start the business.

Kindly regards,
Pono Hair Salon


* Update as of 6/15/21 * 


Hello everyone!

It has been over a year but we made it through!!

Finally California will be going off from the tier system, and we are allowed to be not wearing a mask if you are fully vaccinated.

As a part of our community, we are very excited and happy about this big step toward going back to our normal life.

We have came with our new policy and protocols of our salon after the considerations and one thing will stay the same which is our mask-on policy.

We appreciate your understandings.


Thank you and see you all soon.



* Update as of 9/14/20 * 


We're now completely back to our normal operation indoors. 
Thank you so much for your understandings during our temporarily closure and limited operation period. Now we're accepting all appointments including all chemical services. 

See you all soon!!

* Now Online Gift Cards is Available * --3/25/20--

We're experiencing difficulty that we had to shut down our business due to Shelter-in-place order. 

Please support us by ordering gift certificates for you and for your loved one.

Thank you so much for your support.


To show our deepest appreciation, we've prepared small gifts (Milbon products) for the customers who bought our gift cards during now to end of April.

* Shelter in Place order at Pono Salon *  --3/17/20--

Dear customers,

As you may already know, shelter in place order has been issued, and after gathering information and consideration, it is unfortunate that we need to close temporarily until April 7th.

Currently, the online reservation system is blocked until April 13. We have saved April 8-11 separately for the customers who already have appointments before 4/7.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but if you would like to make a reservation or reschedule, please visit our online booking or we will happily to assist you if you can reach us by e-mail or text message.

We’ll contact you in person for the customers who will need to reschedule appointments.

Anxiety and fear tend to be a close-up. But I believe this is the time to make our bonding stronger.
Please stay safe and healthy. I sincerely hope that we can safely overcome this situation.

Thank you and hope to see you all soon.

Pono Hair Salon



皆様 いつもありがとうございます。

ご存知のように shelter in place orderが出て、あまりに急な展開のため、情報収集、対応に追われています。子供たちの学校が秋まで閉鎖の可能性も言及され始め、先行きが見えない状況の中、本当に残念ですが サロンは4/7までテンポラリークローズせざるえない状況となりました。

現在オンラインご予約システムは、4/13までブロックしておりますが、すでに4/11までにご予約頂いておりますお客様のために 外出自粛令期限後の4/7-4/11は 別でブロックさせて頂いております。

皆様には大変ご迷惑をおかけしますが ご予約、及びご変更のご希望がございましたらオンライン、又は メール、テキストにてお知らせ頂けましたら こちらでお探し致します。

すでにご予約頂いております皆さまには こちらから改めてご連絡致します。


不安や恐怖がクローズアップされがちですが 皆様と皆様の大事な方々が これを機会にさらに深く温かい関係を確認しあえる時期だったね、と後に思い返せる日々が早く来る事を心より祈りつつ、、

どうぞ stay safe and healthyで この状況をご無事に乗り越えられます事を心より願っています。

Pono Hair Salon


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