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Our Services

Include shampoo and blow dry except for Bang Trim and Kid's cut

Women   $75- $85
Men        $65

                $60  within 4 weeks

Kids - no shampoo included  

                $40 5 yrs old & under
                $45   Boys 17 yrs and younger

                  $50   Girls 17 yrs and younger

Bang trim   $15

Wig fitting Cut $20-$75+ when you purchase one at Pono *consultation included

Without a Shampoo   10% off for Men 
                                      15% off for Women


Bang Perm                               $160 -175+

Men's Perm: top only             $170+
Full Perm                                 $190- 220+
Digital Perm                            $240-270+

Bang Straightening Perm      $170+
Japanese Thermal Straightening -Root Only                                                                $305+

Japanese Thermal Straightening - 2" or over                                                                $325+

Japanese Thermal Straightening &
Digital perm                              $410+

Prices vary depending on length and volume.
Include Cut, shampoo and blow dry

Without a haircut - $20 off

Include shampoo and blow dry 

Root-touch                                $125-$145+
Full / Single Process                 $140-$180+

Highlights under 8 foils           $130-155+
Highlights partial -crown        $155+

Highlights full                            $170+

Double Process                          $230+

Balayage / Design Colors         $230+

Toner / Graze                             $110+

Add on : Toner                           $40+

Add on : Henna Toner              $45+

Add on : Olaplex Treatment    $45+ 

Routine Colors (Color only, cannot combine with a cut: Self Blow Dry: The same color formula from your previous appointment at our salon only) 

                       Root - $80+ / Full - $100+


Prices vary depending on length and volume.

With Haircut service, add $30 except Routine Color

Shampoo and Spa

Shampoo & Blow Dry                   $55+

Shampoo & Set                              $70+

Milbon Hair Treatment                $75+

Milbon Hair Treatment  5 steps  $80+ 

Add on : Milbon Treatment         $40+  

Olaplex Hair Treatment               $75+

Add on : Olaplex Treatment        $45+ 

Men's Head Spa                             $55

Add on :  Men's Head Spa            $35

Women's Head Spa                        $75+

Add on :  Women's Head Spa       $45+


Hair Treatment & Spa                  $100+

Add on : Hair Treatment & Spa   $70+

Prices vary depending on length and volume.

Include shampoo and blow dry

Treatments without steam service deduct $10 off


Root-touch  1 step                  $120-140+

Root-touch  2 steps                $165-$200+

Root-touch & Indigo Apply   $135-$165
Full 1 step                                 $130 

Full 2 steps                               $185-$235+

Full 1 step & Indigo Apply     $160-$200

Prices vary depending on length and volume.

Include shampoo and blow dry

With Haircut service, add $30 

Apply only: Root                     $55

                   : Full                       $70-$80

Self wash at home

Cancellation Policy & Adjustment

Please read and confrim before Booking

Please make sure if you received a confirmation email/ text after booking or your request might not have completed.

Please kindly let us know 24 hours prior to your appointment, or there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the booked service. We will waive all cancellation fee for COVID related and will reschedule to 10 days or later from the original date.
If you'd like to change the service menu on the same day or if you're late more than 15 minutes, we may ask you to reschedule, and it'd be considered as same day cancellation and cancellation fee would be applied.

We provide free consultation so please reach us if you have any concerns with the service menu.

We will be happy to adjust/ redo any services within Fourteen (14) days from the original appointment.

All retail product sales are final.

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